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 Some Sexxxy Facts...

Age: 31

 Height: 5'9


Weight: 120


Eyes: Blue


Hair: Dark Brown


Nationality: E. European, have lived all over.


Measurements: Naturally busty 34C, 24, 34


Dress size: 4


Shoe Size: 7


I have absolutely NO tatoos or piercings,  I don't smoke, and prefer non-alcoholic beverages like sparkling water, but I might like to enjoy a glass of wine with you.  I am a naturally affectionate person, and enjoy all things erotic. Some might say I am talented in the erotic arts. Please see my reviews for more information. Some Links are provided on my lnks page.


"How did you get involved in escorting?"

After a good friend shared her secret to me that she saw gentlemen in her spare time, I was intrigued! I had always been fascinated by the life of Courtesans. I read "Memoirs of a Geisha" and "Klute" and saw a few movies on call girls- especially "GFE". I was also very curious about the "forbidden" men I had met in my life- Doctor's, Professors, and other Professionals I met as a teen. I've always enjoyed the company of older men, and LOVE variety. It is the spice of life! However, some client relationships my friend had lasted years and they got to know each other very well. This is my goal too, but I am discreet for your sake and mine as well. I got to know my friend's clients personally, and discovered that they were often very interesting, polite, and generous professionals. I gladly agreed to see her client one day when he asked about me!

"What do you like about escorting?"

 I like to think escorting is just a way to help bring bliss to another person's well being and happiness in a fun way!  I know I am highly desired and enjoy meeting new people...Boyfriends always commented on my talents, I thought- why not delight others and improve my quality of life at the same time? Being a courtesan is providing me many things, but primarily the chance to do something exciting and pleasurable. I also like the the fact of having a secret hobby... it's not that I'm decietful or mischievous normally- I'm a good girl I swear!!! I just love secret liaisons, and rendez-vous with professional older gentlemen! Not to mention I can always use the cash to pay back my student loans, travel, and invest in my future- I guess you could say seeing me is good for the economy. 


What are your other hobbies/interests?

I have a Master's in a Social Science related field and am currently researching programs and looking into doing some post-graduate work. I am more than happy to share more details about my life in person,  but for discretion purposes I won't reveal too much info online. I absolutely love to maintain a healthy lifestyle, working out, swimming, and doing yoga-  to maintain my flexibility! I absolutely love anything and everything pleasureable!!! I am easily excitable I guess you could say, I've been interested in many erotic avenues... dancing, adult modeling, etc... but none of those appealled to me as much as escorting.  I do get a thrill of showing my body to a private audience, for your eyes only... and seeing the reaction it causes!!


"What other kinds of things to do you like?"

Massages, candles, jewlery, good wine. I enjoy travelling, singing, and horses. I love to learn new languages and talk about anything and everything, but especially books and music! 

I hope that gives you an idea of this "Kourtesan's" personality... Anything else you want to know? Please don't hesitate to ask!